Cynthia M.(non-registered)
Rufino Joshua Ong is your premier Bay Area & surrounding areas photographer, specializing in engagement, wedding, & family portraits on location. He is professional, friendly, and knows his art. He knows exactly what to do with lighting and adjusts his portraits for weather and location. His passion shows through his work and how he interacts with his clients. I recommend him 100% to anyone who wants memories and moments captured in artistic form without compromising the natural beauty of the moment and the people. Stay tuned! April 8th will be the unveiling of our photos!
Cherlyn H.(non-registered)
He amazed me! I was desperating finding a wedding photographer for my wedding since my wedding was coming less than one week. This guy,reply my email fast and caring with useful questions and answers. My wedding was at Palace of Fine Art at 1pm, he is in Vallejo and arrive an hour early to find photo for me. After that we went to city hall and ggpark for more photo. He's funny, giving out advices of pose. The traffic of that day was horrible and total time was at least 40min over 3 hours,he still showing professional and patient to finish the whole set of photo. I will definatly go for him if he if I need photographer!
Minh N.(non-registered)
Josh is such a great person. I was looking for someone to help cover my sister's engagement and he replied with such warming emails. He is an amazing photographer and have became a good friend ever since. He is very dedicated to his art. He lives/works in Vallejo, but he is willing to travel all over, which is a plus. If you ever need a caring and professional photographer, I would definitely recommend him =D
Jaclyn B.(non-registered)
Rufino shot our small wedding at a winery in Sonoma and did an incredible job. He did many awesome things, like coming to the location days ahead of time to look at locations and plan shots. He was very friendly and had great suggestions but was also open to our ideas for the kinds of pictures that were most important to us. The quality of the pictures were great, and the website was very well done. It was always easy to get in touch with him by email and then by phone and text on the day of. He made sure to capture the day, all moments big and small. Thanks!!
AnnMarie & Claudio(non-registered)
We both want to thank you so much for all your beautiful work on our wedding photographs -- we've been so excited to share your video slide and all your photos of the big day with our family and friends. And they're loving your work, too! We're so happy that we met you and that we were so blessed to have you as our photographer for our wedding. Everyone wants to know who our photographer was -- and we're happy to sing your praises far and wide!

The video slide is an extra we weren't expecting and that really has meant a lot to us, especially since Claudio's parents weren't there and now they can still see us taking our vows. By the way, did you notice how our nephews got grossed out at the end of the ceremony when we kissed? Both of them walk away mid-kiss -- we were cracking up when we watched the slide show and saw the play-by-play of it! :)

Well, I guess I ended up writing you an essay anyway! We've spent so much time looking at your photos, sharing them with our loved ones, and talking about all the photos we love and reasons why. I hope I can at least give you a sense of how happy we are and how lovely we think the photographs are -- you've done such beautiful work... We appreciate the balance you struck overall between artistic poses and photojournalism-style shots of the ceremony. You really caught the beauty of City Hall -- in its light, grand architecture, ageless beauty, and little details (looking for the "SF" in the architecture in your photos is like playing "Where's Waldo?" -- so cool!). Those are the things that made us want to be married there and you helped preserve that for us. You also really hit a chord with so many sweet shots of us, all the wonderful little moments of the day, and pictures that capture the relationships between us and our family members.

We picked SF City Hall and an "elopement" style wedding because we really liked the simplicity. But one of the things that we (and especially I) felt was important, even in our simple ceremony, was beautiful photography. I had worried for quite a bit when we weren't finding the right photographer and I feared that we wouldn't have that one "must." Of course, I knew that the only must was love, and I'm so glad that I just let go and had faith that it would all work out. Because it did -- then Claudio found your ad, we called you, and we got that one "must" after all. You gave us an incredibly meaningful gift that we will treasure for the rest of our lives by preserving our wedding so beautifully, Rufino.

Thank you -- more than we can tell you.
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Josh ~(non-registered)
“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”
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:) I'm proud of you.
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