RUFINO ONG PHOTOGRAPHY | Carol & Nathan {San Francisco Wedding Photography}

Carol & Nathan {San Francisco Wedding Photography}

August 27, 2014




Images by Rufino Josh ONG of Rufino ONG PHOTOGRAPHY


Carol + Nathan


Today we follow the wedding day celebration of Carol & Nathan, from San Francisco. They want to dedicate this day to their family and friends who join then in this very enjoyable day! We are very thankful to be here and be part of the documenting crew! Much love & grace! 

A new custom that we learned from Carol & Nathan's special day is the act of an elder feeding the bride. As we were documenting, I watched as Carol's grandmom, hand prep her a quick meal that consisted of Chicken, Pork, Meat and I believe rice. It was later revealed to me that this was a village tradition and it may be only followed by villagers who grew up there and had the great chance to migrate to the US and bring the tradition here!  

The groom and best man's arrival is always a fun time for us. This is especially significant when they play what is called "door games". The door games is where the bride's side come up with funny, witty games and have the groom and his crew perform them in order for them to be able to enter the bride's house. Games, could be dancing, eating something weird, fetch me something, wear these and perform - in this case was a song was required from the groom and best man!


One of the coolest things that I have come across this is the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony. The tea ceremony is the act of  the bride & the groom to serve tea to their parents, grandparents, and other elders.  A trusted person is given the charge of pouring the tea from a tea pot to a tea cup, all special occasion pieces, and the cup is handed to the bride & groom to personally serve the honoraries. This is done with the intentions of showing proper respect to the couples esteemed family-members.  After the tea has been served & received, a customary blessings of jewelry and or red envelopes, are given to the newly weds.

Sweet things, and why we love them! They are cute and they remind us of how the couple treat each other and how they show their appreciation! We just love love love these sweet things, as it turns into sweet words, those turn to smiles and we love that.


Alrighty, much love and grace! But before we go - we would love to end this blog entry with a couple of our favorite images from this wedding celebration day! Thank you for your time and your appreciation! :)



Rufino Josh ONG - a husband and now a dad with a camera, is an international award winning photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area,  offering photography coverage in San Francisco, the Bay Area and destinations worldwide. Rufino Joshua is mentored by the Internationally acclaimed master photographer, Scott Robert Lim.



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