Happy New Year 2015! (but first)

January 01, 2015

We are very thankful for the awesome year of 2014. Our full pledged year, we look forward to the coming future (already at hand) but before that = let us take this possibly last opportunity to holler at the activities of this year! The brides & grooms, whom celebrated with us, the families, that let us enjoy the day with them, the nameless corporations, that we cannot name, the models, who envisioned to be famous thru our work...

Note: A number of events will not be featured due to client privacy preferences = but you know we love you all the same! lol 

Note#2: This video will be quite speedy, to squeeze in, as much images & to fit the finger thumping music that we have chosen. We do hope that you enjoy it, and maybe even see yourself in it :)


A special thanks to the following individuals, truly & humbly I say, none of these would have been ever possible without each and everyone of them.

Rufino Josh ONG - me (and the other 7 voices in my head) for getting laid off from the financial world and turned into the most hardest job in the world (being a full time dad) + shooting people with a camera.

Jenny Jang Ong - my wife, whom lets me do what ever I like under the ever present guise of responsible photographic deeds & semi-acceptable fatherhood. Thank you for letting me grow into the bonsai tree that I am!

Vince Ong - my brother & my first best friend. He told me one of the very things that I tell myself, almost everyday. It has become my life's motto and my life's work to live it out. He encouraged me to be the best version of myself.

Cynthia Ong - my mommy. Literally, without her - i won't be here. Science wise and physiologically speaking. As for shaping my personality and helping me raise my daughter.

Scott Robert Lim - my photography & business mentor, and a really good friend. This guy paved the way, by just being himself. Verily, my images will be terrible, (was that bad) before I met this person. If I was a worm, he was the red bull that gave me wings, so now I am a butterfly (preferably one that is long-lived).

Thank you thank you ~ If I can grab all of you and take you to the best DimSum place that I can find... I will, and we should! :)


- Let us bring on the awesomer new year then! 




Rufino Josh ONG - a husband and now a dad with a camera, is an international award winning photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area,  offering photography coverage in Newark City, Napa, Windsor, Lake Tahoe Nevada, San Francisco, the Bay Area and destinations worldwide. 


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