Sienna's First Birthday

December 17, 2014


Happy First Birthday Sienna Aeris! 

Today's personal post is about my daughter's 1st birthday. Here is a question, wasn't her actual 1st birthday, like literally her first birth date - the day she was born? Which was last year, December 8, 2013? Yes we are celebrating her birthday. We are also celebrating this one with a party. We invited a Cruise-BoatLoad of people. Now the fun thing about this, is when that boat load actually say yes. And more surprise, since they showed up :) What a blessing! To have this much family, friends, people that I do not even know, attend our daughter's birthday party! Much love to all the peeps present, to all those not present but invited, to those who showed up but not invited, and to those not invited and kept in the dark ~ I send you my love and thanks for being a part of our life! I will stop talking now - here are some images, which i think why most of you are here ~

After a few days, we (moi, mommy & Sienna) were able to grab a pie (our home favorite, Nations' Banana Creme Pie) and we let Sienna figure out what a baby candle is :) … oh yeah, if you are wondering, why we got her a pie (instead of the usual, traditional, cliche & common cake) because we always see cake and we are simply tired of it. Plus, I really like banana creme pie. 

This little teddy bear candle, has a little bit of history in it as. It was obtained in one of Jenny's baby shower, a year and plus months ago! Here we go, time for cake… I mean, TIME FOR PIE !!! 

At some point, We believe it is only fitting and necessary to give Sienna our signature banana birthday creme pie face paint, and yes mommy got some of that as well.


Thank you God for Jenny, the perfect helpmate you sent me.

Thank you God for Sienna, the awesome daughter you gifted us.

Thank you God for the family and friends, whom you stuck here with us.

And thank you God, for the person reading this right now, who has unknowingly supported us and has chosen to give us their attention.




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