Berkeley CA - Charter Boat Trip

November 21, 2014



Images by Rufino Josh ONG


Charter Boat Fishing
Berkeley, CA

First things first, I do not have sea legs + I am also not as hard core fisherman as I thought I was. I did however, brought a camera with me. I figure'd we can fish and shoot at the same time. Due to a friend's friend bailing - i find myself with the incredible almost accidental circumstance of being on this fishing trip. We needed to wake up around 4AM, what an adventure! Oh yeah - not to mention that we border the wrong boat :P

I have already forgotten how slow these vessels go for. It did give us pretty beautiful sights and shades. I was taken to this trip by my friend named Vince. He is an avid fisherman - very experienced and very knowledgable. We were joined by his key group of master fishermen. I feel my limited powers will be tested alongside these fine gentlemen.

The boat filled up quickly enough, and it seemed more of us where there for the experience rather than the fish.  No problem at all! Boat count: one captain, two deckhand, and about  forty boat guests. One of the things I wondered, was how many fishes we will catch that very  day.  Oh and someone said, there will be crabs as well. FAST FORWARD: From the moment the captain yelled, "we're here!" - everyone just started fishing! They tossed their lines over and started pulling fishes. Sadly - I tried to do the same. I should have shot some of that action. Here are the images after the actual fishing moments  

I did not catch my limit in fishes. Unlike some of the other fishermen & women. I did catch the ones (images below) I call them red fish and dark skinned fish. I also took home 6 crabbies for my family. What a trip! 

I was happily soaked, stirred, and shaken by the sea. I was given a glimpse of what those deadliest catch guys (tv show) go thru and I pulled a few fishes from the huge ocean - due to no powers of my own, i would add. I think those fishies just simply wanted to come home with me!  What a blessing it was, to enjoy and experience the open ocean and taste of the seas. For me, it was more important to document my day ~ except for the fishing part. Next time. Well, that is one adventure I can cross of my imaginary adventure list.





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